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PARTS and ACCESSORIES for medical, hospital, and laboratory equipment, and HOSPITAL SUPPLIES

  • SIMPLE: request a free quotation for everything you need* (even multiple brands and models) through a single fax or e-mail message (so you do not have to worry about difference in time zones).

  • ECONOMICAL: besides genuine products from almost any manufacturer, we offer alternative-source products of equal or higher quality for much lower prices.  We also exchange defective printed circuit boards (PCBs) with repaired ones for some brands and models.

  • FAST: you will receive the products by courier (such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL) or air mail.

  • CONVENIENT: you can pay (in US dollars) with international credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express) or through wire transfer (see Payment for other alternatives).

  • RELIABLE: all products are fully warranted by the respective manufacturer and can be exchanged or returned for a refund within 30 (thirty) days

See on the pages listed above information about our company, our products and services, payment methods, shipping alternatives, sales conditions and warranty.

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* IMPORTANT:  To obtain a free, no-obligation quotation, please provide all the information you have, especially the following data:

  • SUPPLIES:  name, manufacturer, description, and OEM catalog or part number;

  • PARTS OR ACCESSORIES:  manufacturer, name, part number, and complete information on equipment for which the part or accessory is needed (i.e., name, model, 110V or 220V version, and serial number).

If you have difficulties in identifying the part number (p/n) of the part, supply, or accessory you need, please consult the parts lists by selecting the manufacturer's name on the Brands page.

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Home | Brands | Laboratory Supplies | Contact
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